Scott Hazard
RiseRise (detail)FocusFieldRead This LineRead This Line (detail)Heavy RocksHeavy Rocks (detail)A Little Quiet IIA Little Quiet II (detail)Endless SeaDetail of Endless SeaQuietQuiet (Detail)+/-+/- (detail)Dig It/DugDig It/Dug (detail)RevealReveal (detail)Catch and ReleaseCatch and Release (closed)Catch and Release (Detail)IntermediateIntermediate (Detail)Landscape MeditationDetail of Landscape Meditation #1Hey YouDetail of Hey YouOne Square Foot of a Place to Focus/An Excuse for Staring at the Wall
Text Constructs
The text based constructs I create consist of layers of paper that are carefully torn or cut, spaced apart and aligned to define a sculptural void. Cathartic micro-gardens punctuated with masses of text beckon the viewer to delve in for a brief journey. As the viewer’s gaze enters and traverses the layers of paper in each work, vision becomes tactile, lending an articulated viewing experience and a space for the eyes to linger. The movement and placement of words in and around the composed landscapes and intimately scaled spaces provides for a kinaesthetic reading experience that draws the viewer in for momentary reflection and a temporary departure.

In a world with a seemingly endless amount of stimulus available, most of us are concerned with our own business, unable to let some of the more subtle and quiet aspects of the world reveal themselves to us at times. As Walt Whitman wrote in the preface to Leaves of Grass, “The greatest poet dilates any thing that was before thought small…with the grandeur and life of the universe. He is a seer.” My work creates a temporary aesthetic pause to remove or alter the viewer’s existing frame of reference and provide an opportunity for a different presence of mind, a distilled frame of reference.