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Hidden Rock #1 is a site-specific sculpture installation located at the Visitor’s Center in Annie Louise Wilkerson, MD Nature Preserve Park in Raleigh, NC. Hidden Rock #1 is a sculpted steel ‘boulder’ nestled in a planting area to enhance a sense of discovery. Modeled on a large rock found at the Hidden Rocks outcropping in the park, it consists of 7 weathered steel panels which have been laser-cut to form various outlines of the rock. Each panel is printed with a photograph of a view of landscape and sky found in a meadow area at the park. The repeated image of native grass, tree-line, and sky combined with the form of the boulder conjure themes such as human connections to the land and nature, geology, Piedmont prairies, mindfulness, and the near and distant histories of the North Carolina landscape.

Hidden Rock 1
Hidden Rock 1
Weathered Steel panels, square tube steel for armature, photograph of landscape + sky, UV Inkjet printed direct-to-substrate on weathered steel panels
24” X 36” X 48”